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About Us

Our Mission

We provide quality business services proactively and reliably creating a competitive edge for valued clients and ongoing tangible value.

We aim to empower businesses by providing relevant, accurate and timely information so that they can make better business decisions.

Our Story

“Whilst I have said that I own and run a bookkeeping business, my passion has always been in wanting to come alongside business owners, building a level of trust and recognised competency that allows them to breathe easier knowing that the financial aspects of their business are being well taken care of. 

My clients don’t have to worry so much, because they have someone they can talk to and ask seemingly silly questions, someone who is in the trenches with them because we see everything.

We can explain their financial position to them on a regular basis and we are following them up, pointing things out, and forewarning them about potential cashflow issues. We help them make better, more informed and timely decisions and we also let them know about legislation changes. We help our clients solve complex problems.

The feedback I get from some of my clients is that they sleep better at night because they know we have their back, they know we are looking at their finances when they are not and they know we’ll pick up the phone and alert them with any concerns.”

Our Team

Roslyn Ahtee, Principal Consultant

Roslyn has an extensive background in accounting, bookkeeping, coaching and consulting.

Debbie Douglas Bookkeeper

Debbie Douglas, Head Bookkeeper

Debbie has decades of accurate and timely bookkeeping experience.

Marynne Fraser

Maryanne Fraser, Associate

Maryanne has international corporate experience as a consultant, project manager and problem solver.

Rachael Ahtee

Rachael Ahtee, Office Manager

With Rachael’s support, the team can glide through their day being able to focus on you, our valued clients.

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